How Can I Help?


The Zoo has reopened but we still need your help!

Hello Wildlife Champions!
Donations to the Zoo provide invaluable support for our mission of creating a world safe for wildlife and a new world of enriching experiences for all.
Visit hoglezoo.org for more information or to make a contribution.  For those wishing to contribute through a donor-advised fund or similar charitable avenue, the legal name is Utah Zoological Society and the EIN number is 87-0217405.

The Zoo has several other ways that you can give: Click here to see how! WAYS TO GIVE>>

Our Mission: Utah’s Hogle Zoo creates champions for wildlife

Outstanding Animal Care

AfricanSavannaGiftAt Utah’s Hogle Zoo our animals are provided with opportunities to learn, interact and exhibit natural behaviors. We continually seek ways to improve and challenge the lives of all the animals in our care. We are dedicated to achieving this through active and progressive enrichment and operant conditional programs. Our keepers provide enrichment from five different categories to stimulate all the animals’ senses and encourage a wide range of natural behaviors:

  • Sensory: Stimulates all of the animals senses – visual, small, hearing, taste and touch;
  • Foods/Feeding: Encourages animals to think and work for their food, as they would in the wild;
  • Manipulative/Toys: Items that can be manipulated in some way via hands, mouth, legs, horns or head simply for investigation and exploratory play;
  • Environment: Keepers enhance the animal’s Zoo habitat with opportunities that change or add complexity to their environment
  • Behavioral/Social: Interaction in the form of training and structured play builds trust and rapport between keeper and animal.

Education Programs

WalknTalkLearning at the zoo is always fun! The Education Department at Utah’s Hogle Zoo provides personal connections with the natural world by offering entertaining and education opportunities for toddlers through adults. Our goal is to increase understanding of, and responsibility for, local and global animal species and ecosystems – strengthening the bond between people and the planet we live on. From camps and classes for kids, to book clubs and events for adults, we offer education experiences for everyone.


Conservation Initiatives

OrangutansUtah’s Hogle Zoo is committed to conserving wildlife and endangered species. The Zoo’s major conservations programs address conservation of endangered species in the wild, endangered species breeding in captivity, conservation education and monitoring high-risk species, habitat preservation.