Virtual Birthday Parties


Bring Our Party Animals to Your Birthday, Virtually!

We’ll help you have a WILD time on your birthday by bringing some of our animals to your party virtually. Your party visit will include a themed program, activities, and a chance to meet three of our animal ambassadors.

Each virtual party includes:

Your choice of birthday party themes below

  • The party is approximately 45-minutes of facilitated programming with our Birthday Party Specialist and up to 30-minutes of unfacilitated time to celebrate in our password-protected virtual party room.
  • A virtual invitation for up to 10 email addresses (invitees will receive links to craft patterns and activities for reproduction)
  • The Birthday Child will receive a special Zoo Birthday package in the mail.

The package includes all craft parts for up to 10 people, a plush animal (choose from the list below), a personalized animal adoption certificate, a printed animal fact sheet, and a photograph of the adopted animal.

Price: $95 for Zoo members $125 for non-members

Booking your Virtual Birthday Party

Email [email protected] the information below to begin scheduling your virtual birthday party:

          • What are some possible dates and times for your program? Please provide 2-3 potential dates and times.
          • What’s your child’s name?
          • What are your address and phone number?
          • Which birthday theme would you like? See theme descriptions and age recommendations below.
          • Would you like any Birthday Party Add-Ons? See possible add-ons below.

Select one of the following animal adoption packages below:

            • California Sea Lion
            • Southern White Rhinoceros
            • Bald Eagle
            • Amur Leopard
            • African Lion
            • Grizzly Bear
            • Polar Bear
            • Western Lowland Gorilla
            • Giraffe
            • Siamese Crocodile
            • Bornean Orangutan
            • Desert Tortoise


A Bunch of Party Animals

You’ll have a chance to squeak and squawk during this fun-filled visit. Learn how animals celebrate and meet some animal ambassadors as you have a roaring good time! Party includes a chance to meet three of our small animal ambassadors.

*Recommended for Toddlers

Herp, Herp, Hoorah!

Herp, Herp, Hoorah! You’ll get your party started by learning about and meeting some ribbiting amphibians and reptiles. By the time we finish, you’ll be hopping and slithering for some birthday cake! Your party includes virtually meeting three of our reptile and amphibian animal ambassadors.

*Recommended for ages five and above

Let’s Get Buggy

Celebrate your child’s Bee-Day with Utah’s Hogle Zoo and our incredible invertebrates! Meet some of our favorite creepy crawlies and discover just how amazing they are, whether they have six, eight, or over a hundred legs. Your party includes virtually meeting three of our “buggy” animal ambassadors.

*Recommended for ages five and above

Animal Super Powers

It’s not just superheroes with super abilities. Many real-world animals have powers that would make even Superman jealous. Discover the adaptations that make our animal ambassadors living superheroes! Your party includes virtually meeting three of our small animal ambassadors.

*Recommended for all ages

Fairy “Tail” Tea Party

Once upon a time, in the foothills of Utah’s Hogle Zoo, a group of magical creatures gathered together to celebrate a special birthday with a tea party. Grab your tea and snacks, and we will bring the animals and fun to your fairy “tail” birthday party. Your party includes virtually meeting three of our magical small animal ambassadors.

*Recommended for all ages

Please note: Because our Ambassador Animals choose whether or not to participate in programming, we cannot tell you which animal species will be part of your birthday program ahead of time.

Birthday Party Add-Ons:

          • Additional Adoption Package – Purchase another adoption package for siblings or friends. Each adoption package comes with a stuffed animal, fact sheet, certificate, and a photograph of your chosen animal. Your additional adoption package(s) will be mailed with your child’s birthday party package.
            • Price: $20 per additional package
          • Additional Birthday Party Links – Need more than ten birthday party links? You can purchase five additional links.
            • Price: $20
          • Personalized Happy Birthday Video – Receive a special video birthday message staring some of your favorite Hogle Zoo animals! Videos run about 2.5 minutes in length and are played during the birthday party. After the party, you will receive a link to download your child’s special Video. Video themes are pinnipeds (seals and sea lions), cats, or a general zoo animal video.
            • Price: $10