Outreach Programs

Can’t leave your classroom? Don’t worry, Utah’s Hogle Zoo will come to you! We offer a variety of outreach classes. Here are our exciting offerings:


Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE)

Our standards-based Habitat Investigations outreach program is designed to be an exciting complement to what teachers are doing in their classrooms. This 60-minute 2nd grade program focuses on students using science processing skills to explore two Utah habitats — wetlands and deserts. Students analyze an assortment of samples collected by the Zoo’s “research team.” Students make observations and inference, measure, collect data and share their results with classmates. They then observe living Utah animals and connect their ideas with the evidence to make conclusions about the adaptations these animals possess to survive in their Utah habitats.

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Distance Learning

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is excited to present free in-state Distance Learning classes. You can now remotely connect your classroom to the Zoo! Working with Utah Education Network, our education staff is now able to connect to classrooms throughout the state. Each program will provide your students with programming designed to meet the Utah State Core Curriculum, meet some live animals, learn interesting facts and explore the natural world all in the comfort of your own classroom.

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Zoo Just for You

Utah’s Hogle Zoo now offers classes for students with special needs. We present outreach programs directly to your classroom and early intervention classes. Program Fee is $50 and includes live animals, animal artifacts, toys and interactive play. All programs can be adapted to meet your classroom needs and time frame (one hour maximum).

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