Warthogs and Meerkats

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Hakuna Ma-Wait, what did you say?


Warthogs are here! Two warthogs have moved onto African Savanna. They’re still little guys and they’re adorable. Think of the real-life version of Pumbaa from Disney’s Lion King – but wartier and less inclined to break out in song.

What’s a warthog without a meerkat? Good question! Our ‘mob’ of meerkats has moved into a new home called Meerkat Manor, near the warthogs. Look for them on the west end of the Savanna. The new Meerkat Manor will offer year-round viewing.

We’re excited and proud to dedicate our new meerkat home to James E. Hogle, Jr. He’s a member of the family who donated this land to the Zoo back in 1931.

Warthog and Meerkat Facts:

  • Ours warthogs are still young, but will eventually grow tusks – four of them.
  • Meerkats are diggers. They burrow underground.
  • Meerkats are famous for standing on their rear legs on the highest mound to check things out. 
  • Warthogs can run up to 30 miles per hour!
  • Warthog tails are long, with a tuft of hair on the end, and stick straight up when they run!

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