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The concepts and practices for the care of exotic animals have undergone dramatic changes in the past two decades.  In 1999 the Zoo’s professional staff, in conjunction with other experts and the Board of Directors, began developing a long-range Master Plan with a singular compelling goal:  the renewal and transformation of Utah’s Hogle Zoo, making it a place of excellence in every way for its animals and guests alike.

Learn about our Feature Exhibits

African Savanna

The African Savanna exhibit opened in 2014 and totally reconfigured the east end of the Zoo, moving the giraffes to the front of the zoo and putting them with zebra, ostrich and Guinea fowl in a 4 acre mixed species exhibit with expansive views over the entire area from a new viewing area called Twiga Terrace. African Savanna also features African lions in a large exhibit overlooking the mixed species area. Through it all, the Zoo's Safari Express Train winds through the exhibit with spectacular views all along the track Click here to learn more about this exhibit!

Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores is an extensive multi-animal habitat featuring bears, sea lions, seals and otters. You will see up-close, underwater viewing of the animals as they swim through crystal blue water, as well as unprecedented views from ground level in a habitat depicting the physical, cultural and social landscape of the western shores of North America. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!

Asian Highlands

Asian Highlands opened to much fanfare in 2006 after massive renovations to the existing Cat Building. The exhibit features cats from highland regions of northeastern Asia, including, Amur tigers, Snow leopards, Amur leopards, Siberian lynx and Pallas' cats. Visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in the Asian themed architecture with lots of glass viewing into many of the exhibits. You can also learn about the culture of the region by visiting "Grandma's House" to see how the animals of the region play an integral role in the history and folklore of many Asian cultures. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!

Elephant Encounter

In 2005, the Zoo opened its largest animal exhibit in 25 years and invited everyone to enjoy an encounter with our pachyderm pals. Elephant Encounter brings a part of the Serengeti to Salt Lake City in the re-creation of an African plain featuring African elephants and white rhinoceros. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!

Other Zoo Exhibits

Great Apes, Primate Forest, and the Small Animal Building are other areas of the Zoo you can find animals in our collection.